Abdul Haq Khan Mandokhail

I’m the kind of person who needs to be kept busy so that naturally translated to me offering my services in a capacity to other clients outside of the industries and responsibilities of my full-time employers. Blessed to be considered one of the top contributors to the Vendor refilling of Gen-sets industry of all time.

Award ceremony

Award ceremony eespak in Faisalabad company given us best fueling/Commercial Power SUBCON

CEO eespak

CEO eespak umar raja sb CEO abdul Haq Khan Mandokhail PMC national manager Muhammad manshah sb national manager PMC syed Ayub Shah

Receiving best fueling/cp subcon award

Receiving best fueling/cp subcon award from eespak National manager Muhammad Manshah sb and national manager finance Muhammad faisal malik

Best Fueling CP/ Subcon

CEO Speach

CEO speech to award ceremony Faisalabad

Award from Eptsc company

Eptsc company given us Good subcon award

Ufone Baluchistan

Working with people logic Pakistan Pvt limited as fuel vendor Ufone Baluchistan

Ufone Baluchistan Agreement

Agreement with EPTSC as a fuel vendor Ufone Baluchistan

Agreement with Ufone

Agreement direct with Ufone as a fuel vendor Baluchistan, Pakistan

Agreement with Zong

Agreement with zong company as fueling subcone in all Baluchistan